Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Look Who's Popped In!

Today I am going to share with you the decorations I made using the cricut, inkscape, sure cuts a lot, and george and basic shapes cartridge for the font, for my sister's classroom. My sister is a 4th and 5th grade special ed teacher, each year she picks a different theme for her classroom. This year she chose a popcorn theme, and she decided it would be good for me to make the stuff for her room. While I got aggravated with it at times I enjoyed making it.
This big popcorn box was not made using the cricut it was made using red and white poster board. We had many laughs while making this box, the first one we made we had a lot of problems getting the stripes to work right. So after we messed the first one up so bad that we couldn't save it we decided it would be better to just start over. This one turned out a lot better.

I made the big popcorn behind the box using inkscape by simply welding different sizes of circles together. I also made the little popcorn going around the box the same way. I then cut the popcorn out using sure cuts a lot and my cricut.

This is a close up of the popcorn that is going around the big box. On each of these peices of popcorn she is going to write the name of each child in her class this year.

These are the little boxes of popcorn I made also using inkscape to make the popcorn and the popcorn box. The circle cut out in the middle is where she is going to write the childs name. These are going to be on their lockers, so each child knows which locker is theirs.

These are the movie tickes I made, again I made these in inkscape and cut them out using sure cuts a lot. There is one on each child's deck with their schedule behind it.

This is her classroom jobs chart. My mom made this chart a few years ago for her. This year I made small tickets, each ticket will have the name of a child in her class and each day she will draw a name for each job.

This is a close up of the small ticket I made for the job chart.

These last popcorn boxes are going to have a picture of each child behind them and then the boxes are going to be hung up on a bulletin board. I couldn't find a picture I wanted to cut up, but I found this picture that was colored and decided to use it so you can get an idea of what she will be doing with these.

I hope you have enjoyed my crafts for today.
Ashley :)

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